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Our Mission

SALT exists to train pastors to plant churches that serve the nations through gospel-driven leadership development.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see 100,000 Great Commission Leaders trained in our SALT DNA, in order to plant healthy churches throughout the world.

Our Strategy


Creating content and educational opportunities.

  • Articles, books, and online courses

  • Weekender events

  • Annual conference

  • Monthly leadership gatherings


Recruiting, assessing and coaching leaders to multiply.

  • Recruit leader

  • Assess leader

  • Coach leader

  • Resource leader

  • Multiply leader


Providing opportunities for leaders to steward their resources.

  • Summer mission trips (for partnering churches)

  • Residency program

  • SALT Centers (facilities in strategic cities where churches and redemptive businesses work together)

Our Values

Value 1 - The Gospel is Central

In all things, the message of Jesus and the mission of Jesus are primary. The gospel is at the core of everything we do. Gospel centrality creates our ultimate identity and motivations. 

Value 2 - Vision is Born from Burden

We believe it is God, the Holy Spirit, that breaks our heart and then builds up our vision. He does this for his glory, and the good of the place He has called us, to take more ground for the Kingdom.

Value 3 - Strategy Creates Movement

After vision births a burden for a people and place, it is effective strategy that creates horizontal movement. Without strategy, our vision is only a dream. Furthermore, strategy is always written in pencil, as we desire to be sensitive in following the movement of Holy Spirit's work.

Value 4 - People are Our Main Resource

We hold finances and brick and mortar in an open hand. It is the people of God that are the church planter's greatest resource. A church planter merely needs two things to plant a church - a bible and a ready team. 

Value 5 - Partnership is Our Priority

SALT Ukraine does not plant churches. The local church plants churches. It is our desire to create movement through partnerships with healthy local congregations. We echo Paul's words in Philippians 4 in that we don't seek the gift itself, but the fruit that comes from the gift (of partnership).